Meet the Flatiron Showcase Developers

Why We Built This

Flatiron School students are intelligent, hardworking, and passionate. After working with an amazing group for three months, Boyoung and Ariel wanted to create a platform where everyone could get a taste of the intensity and creativity of Flatiron students.

The results astounded us, and we hope you too will be wowed by the accomplishments of Flatiron students.

The Technologies

On the back end, the Flatiron Showcase is powered by Rails, with lots of help from some of our favorite gems: Fog and Carrierwave (for storing image files), Webshot and RMagick (for processing images), and Octokit (for accessing the GitHub API). Files are stored on Amazon S3.

The front-end uses FlatPoint, a Bootstrap theme, along with a number of jQuery libraries: the Revolution Slider, CarouFredSel, and Isotope.